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We recognize that with few exceptions, ending a marriage or domestic partnership is a emotionally difficult and financially fearful time.

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Property Division

A solid and thorough understanding of your marital property rights combined with a flexible and creative approach can avoid you excess legal fees.

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Child Custody & Visitation

We want to help you find solutions and common ground that are in the child’s best interest. We are proud to represent mothers and fathers.

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Child Support

California recognizes the general obligation of both parents to support their minor children. Our family law expertise is the right place to start.


Oakleaf Family Law offers high quality family law services in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Orange County.


Our Approach

We believe strongly that capable representation requires knowledge of the law and the facts, and particularly in the area of family law, an understanding and appreciation of the client and his or her needs.

We believe a fair compromise will almost always benefit our clients more than costly litigation and trial.



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